Saturday, March 03, 2007


It's been like a month since my last post, but thanks to the powers that be that woke me up so early this morning (the sun, the baseball-game sounds and the light from my ceiling fan) I feel like writing to anyone and no one at the same time. The first topic to be addressed is my last visit to the Department of Transportation and Public Works (Departamento de Transportaci├│n y Obras P├║blicas: DTOP). There are few things that make me angry, but 2 of them are being scold in front of other people and feel I was made to waste my time. Thank God the first one has no happened in a long time, but the second happened last Monday, Feb 26, when I walk up earlier than usual to get to DTOP to solve as fast as I could the issue of taking out of circulation the old Honda Civic I had sold a year go and that had a tragic death when the driver fall asleep while driving it (not me and nothing happened to her, thank God). After getting an attorney-certified document stating the demise of the car, making 2 queues, and then waiting in another area for my number to be called, I couldn't solve anything because there was, in the car records, a parking ticket that I already payed a year ago. A year ago. One whole year. That's how much technologically advanced is the government systems of this island. The problem is that it's just a reflection of how mature and developed is our government as a whole. Of course, I'm using a more subtle tone in expressing it than the one I used when talking to my friends that Monday, but almost a week has passed since that happened and things tend to loose weight as time goes by... well, except most married couples, but that's another thing, ^_^

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