Saturday, March 10, 2007

Autogermana Presents: MINI 2007 Launch Party

On Thursday, March 8, Autogermana made a Launch Party to present the new MINI 2007. It was full of fellow motorers that had a great time knowing each other and enjoying the activity that consisted of DJ Music, presenting the first 4 'Webisodes' of Hammer and Coop, the music video of Hammer and Coop performing in a lookalike music video of 'The Heat of the Moment' by Asia. All that was followed then by the entrance to the dealer of the 2007 MINI Cooper. Later people had the chance to take a look up close and personal with it. The car keeps the same aura even thought it has been redesigned almost completely. I'm not going to write a full review again as there's a good one from the people at Motoring File. Go ahead and check it out. The 2007 MINI they presented was the Cooper and some people (including me) were left in cold water wanting to see the Cooper S with it's new engine that has a turbo instead of a supercharger, but didn't stopped any of us from taking a closer look and starting the car without a key and using the new Start/Stop button, playing with the 7 different ambient colors you can select inside the car or using the double-pane inclination sunroof.

The people at Autogermana MINI and Adworks excelled with the organization and the details. Besides the event, they gave out some nice T's and an invitation to test drive the 2007 MINI today all-day from 9am to 5pm at the dealer. You can get a glimpse of what happened at the web album.

2007-03-09 - MINI 2007 Presentation

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