Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Family Reunion

This year's thanksgiving family reunion was at my mom's house in Carolina. My grandma, aunts and uncle were there to keep the tradition of keeping the family together during special days like this one. There was also my sister with her boyfriend (not in the photo), one of my cousins, Linda, with her boyfriend, and my brother. Usually the celebration is made at one of my aunts' house, but this year was at my mom's house so it make it special... so special that Linda got lost and another of my cousins, Omar, didn't arrived with his girlfriend because he didn't remember how to get there neither.

I want to take this opportunity to thank them for being the respectful, caring and supporting family they are. I guess all in the family could say that without this things and values that bound us together this learning journey called life would be much more difficult.

It's those same values, caring and respect that identify all the people that unconciously I keep around me and that in the same unconcious way have me by their side. Thanks to all of them for being a part of me, even if their not physically here with me anymore.

And to the Omnipotent One... thank you for all of them as part of the blessings he always manages to put in my journey.

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