Sunday, July 09, 2006

Class Reunion

A couple of hours ago (yesterday, 7pm) was my 15th anniversary class reunion. I missed the previous one for the 10th annivesary, so I was like not sure of what to expect of this. Well, as soon as I get there I started to be greeted by a lot of familiar faces, some of them dear friends of mine from high school, that I haven't seem for quite some years. Some of them even flew from the U.S. to make it to the class reunion. It was a great experience to share some energy, time, and memories with those who, even though not having a regular contact with them, seem like they still are an integral part of who you are now. Strange as it might seem, I didn't brought the camera to the reunion, so now I'm counting on my friends who did brought theirs to send me the ones the shot so I can post some of them in here. If some of you classmates get to read this, let me tell you it was a great pleasure to see you again and hope to keep contact more often from now on.

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