Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well, a couple of weeks since my last post. Sonny (yeah, the MCS has a name) got in May the 8th its two months with me and everything is alright and smooth with it.

Two weeks ago finally bought the cable to use the video iPod that Nobox gave us as a gift for our hard work and sounds great. Next step is a craddle for it in the car.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Came out on April 25. If you haven't got your copy you're kind of... late? Great movie that brings a lot of memories. Again Square excels again in what still american movie makers can't even dream of. Too much for disney and animation-children association these guys still hold on to. Haven't learn anything from movies like 'Akira' or 'Ghost in the Shell' and still are not going to learn after Final Fantasy VII. Posted by Picasa