Friday, December 22, 2006

Ángel's 30th Birthday @ Café de la Plaza

Yesterday we celebrated Ángel's birthday at la Placita de Santurce. Had a great time with friends remembering all those things that keep us together and make us from time to time create a new excuse to get back together again. Here some photos from the party.

Happy Birthday Ángel!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Nobox Christmas Party @ Bamboobei

'The dudes' excel again with this years' Nobox Christmas party. Took place in Bamboobei, Piñones. Great place with a great view and an excelent environment to be relax and let the Nobox ecosystem recharge energies and spend some time together in non-work related activities. When not absorbed by the tranquility inspired by the ocean or having a good time with the Nobox Team, I took the time to take some photos (up to where my batteries lasted, T_T) so follow the link and enjoy, ^_^

Friday, November 24, 2006

Thanksgiving Family Reunion

This year's thanksgiving family reunion was at my mom's house in Carolina. My grandma, aunts and uncle were there to keep the tradition of keeping the family together during special days like this one. There was also my sister with her boyfriend (not in the photo), one of my cousins, Linda, with her boyfriend, and my brother. Usually the celebration is made at one of my aunts' house, but this year was at my mom's house so it make it special... so special that Linda got lost and another of my cousins, Omar, didn't arrived with his girlfriend because he didn't remember how to get there neither.

I want to take this opportunity to thank them for being the respectful, caring and supporting family they are. I guess all in the family could say that without this things and values that bound us together this learning journey called life would be much more difficult.

It's those same values, caring and respect that identify all the people that unconciously I keep around me and that in the same unconcious way have me by their side. Thanks to all of them for being a part of me, even if their not physically here with me anymore.

And to the Omnipotent One... thank you for all of them as part of the blessings he always manages to put in my journey.

Thank you! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

MINI Cooper R50/R53 Construction Video

For those of you interested in MINI Coopers... this video is a must to get a glimpse of what happens during that 3-month wait.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MotoringFile » Archive » 2007 MINI USA Pricing and Options

And talking about buying... the final prices for the new MINI in the USA. Add to these $6k-$8k to get a close shot at the prices in PR.

MotoringFile » Archive » 2007 MINI USA Pricing and Options

MotoringFile » Archive » Official MINI USA MTTS Video

The spirit of having a MINI. If you don't feel about the car like this, don't buy one.

MotoringFile » Archive » Official MINI USA MTTS Video

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Nobox Happy Hour @ Payá Restaurant

Yesterday after a long day of work (even longer for some that arrived after the happy hour started), 'The dudes' gave the whole Nobox ecosystem the opportunity to have a couple of hours to enjoy ourselves in a different way far from work-related duties. Thanks for that opportunity that adds up value to Nobox in many different ways. Cheers!

María Elena's Birthday Party

Last saturday, October 14, was M.E.'s birthday party at her apartment. Besides the shameful situation in which I tried to scare Ián and ended up scaring M.E.'s mom, we had a great time there and wanted to share the photos I got from the party (and test this Picasa Web Albums feature integrated to Blogger, ^_^). Enjoy!

2007 MINI Cooper TV Ads



Fifth Gear test drives the 2007 Mini Cooper S

Great review from this great TV Show. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Newly redesigned MINI Cooper 2007

These are link where you can get more info on the first generation change for the new MINI coming to U.S. Market in December 2006. So if you want to order a custom made current 2006 model, you should be getting to your MINI dealer like now. If you want to order one of these new 2007 models well, it could be a good Christmas present to order in December.

NEW MINI - Model Range - The New MINI Cooper S - Model Range - The New MINI Cooper

MINI Traveller | Auto Express News | News | Auto Express

MINI Traveller | Auto Express News | News | Auto Express

For those of you who love the looks of the MINI, but have issues with small boot (trunk) space and with two-door caracteristics. Now you can start making your financial adjustments as this car is not going to production until 2008.

Winners of the 1st Autogermana MINI Scavenger Hunt

Yes, this is the winning team of the first MINI Scavenger Hunt organized by Autogermana MINI in Puerto Rico on September 17, 2006. Our team name was 'Los MINImalistas', but were not minimal in the amount of points we gathered. A total of 197 pts, 22 more than the second place. It all started by meeting with Gino at our company's parking at 9:20am. Arrived at Autogermana MINI at 9:35am where we signed up our team and received two bottles of 'fountain of youth' water and a kit with tools to gather things during the hunt. At 10:20am the organizers of the event gave us further instructions on how to use the tools, rules of engagement and then took us to our cars to start the hunt. All of us aligned our cars in a queue in front of the dealer. While there, we received the list of items, trivia questions and clues to places where we had to take pictures of the car and one of the team members. Gino, my resourceful wingman, fell victim of anxiety and as soon as we were handed out our list he started to shout 'Go! Go! Go!'. I saw no cars moving so I told him that no cars were moving and he said 'the girl handed out the list and said good luck! This thing has just started! Go ahead before people start leaving!'. That made sense to me, so I decided to leave the queue. To my surprise and shame, as I left the queue, I started hearing some shouting and saw my Motoring Advisor, Andrés, waving a signal to turn around and fall back into place in the queue... Thanks Gino... After getting back in place, there were some video shooting, some photos and THEN they gave the signal to start the hunt.

First photo, 'The ruins of the home of the first governor of the island during Spanish occupation': Caparra.

Then headed to Old San Juan where Gino went to a store to get some items in the list, like a big towel that had printed 'Puerto Rico' and a small Coquí made in ceramic. While he was doing that, I was going around in circles through the streets of Old San Juan with other MINI's that had their co-pilots doing item hunting through the stores too.

From there, we headed to get some items in San Patricio and our company's office. Went to Hato Rey to La Milla de Oro to get a photo of the car with the big digital clock from Banco Popular Building showing the time to be 1:11pm. After that we decided to sacrifice our desire for the bonus photo of La Coca waterfall in El Yunque (10 pts) to go get more items at Gino's House, we got the photo with a pregnant woman in the car (thanks Nina and Matías!) and then headed to Piñones to get some items. In Piñones the traffic was so horrible that we ended up deciding to give up and get back to the dealer because it was almost 3pm, the arrival time to the dealer by the rules. We were like the second or third team to arrive. Handed out the items, showed the photos, gave the answers to the trivia questions, explained the idea behind our team name and Gino sang two impromptu verses related to MINI and the scavenger hunt.

As I was driving, I was not aware of the amount of points made/missing. Gino told me that we missed some stuff and we could not have more than 130 pts, so when they announced that third place made 170 pts I was not even remotely thinking in being second place, less winning! Before calling out the winners, the people of Autogermana MINI were doing a raffle of some items and some of the participants were joking about raffling off a set of black 18" John Cooper Works rims with Run-flat tires that were on display at the dealer. After the raffle was over and were going to announce the winners of third, second and first places, the people of Autogermana MINI changed the first place prize from $500 in Motoring Gear to the set of JCW rims!

As they say, the rest is history and here we are Gino and I receiving our first place medals! And just there beside me a little spot of the JCW rims! It was a really good experience for us, all the other participants and the people on the street that stop by to ask if we were on a competition because they had seen so many MINI's in their area. An aura of 'having fun' surrounded those in contact with the event, whether being part of the teams or being an outside observer. The people of Autogermana MINI and the organizers did great in their first event. Congratulations and thanks for making this event. Hope there are more to come... like... for christmas? And for the next scavenger hunt... we're defending champions! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Firefox's market share passes 15% in US - Download Squad

Firefox's market share passes 15% in US - Download Squad

Little by little, people are acknowledging the benefits of Firefox and its innovative features and reliable security. Those features added to the great work and prompt response of the developers to security issues and the community's needs is sending a strong message that more and more people are listening and getting comfortable with.

If you haven't downloaded it and use Internet Explorer or Safari because 'you're used to' or 'its already there', it's not to late to get a new, fresh, safer and more reassuring experience on the web. Click here to go to Mozilla's site. Enjoy!

Audi Tracks hit the Audi Deutschland web site - Autoblog

Audi Tracks hit the Audi Deutschland web site - Autoblog

Some good eclectic audio tracks for driving in case you wanted something fresh/new/different. My favorite tracks are the ones by Eardrum, but all of them are great. Good compilation by the people from Audi. Just wish BMW/MINI had something similar, :(

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Class Reunion

A couple of hours ago (yesterday, 7pm) was my 15th anniversary class reunion. I missed the previous one for the 10th annivesary, so I was like not sure of what to expect of this. Well, as soon as I get there I started to be greeted by a lot of familiar faces, some of them dear friends of mine from high school, that I haven't seem for quite some years. Some of them even flew from the U.S. to make it to the class reunion. It was a great experience to share some energy, time, and memories with those who, even though not having a regular contact with them, seem like they still are an integral part of who you are now. Strange as it might seem, I didn't brought the camera to the reunion, so now I'm counting on my friends who did brought theirs to send me the ones the shot so I can post some of them in here. If some of you classmates get to read this, let me tell you it was a great pleasure to see you again and hope to keep contact more often from now on.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


A rather unusual weekend that goes from having dinner yesterday with some friends, to today go and play tennis and loose both sneakers, to then have dinner with dad. In between talking different stuff like what to do to keep your employees if one would be manager, to the illusion that everything from Microsoft is 'easy and good', to why people block exits with their cars if they're not able to go on anyway until the next light change, to how there are people out there that are not independent and when asked what they want to do with their lives, their only answer is a blank face.

On a different note, I had the opportunity to be a good citizen and answered to the owner of the Laundry near home and my dad questions they had about the MINI Cooper's... :) Here a photo of 'Sonny' in Parque Central in one of those 'tennis days'...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Well, a couple of weeks since my last post. Sonny (yeah, the MCS has a name) got in May the 8th its two months with me and everything is alright and smooth with it.

Two weeks ago finally bought the cable to use the video iPod that Nobox gave us as a gift for our hard work and sounds great. Next step is a craddle for it in the car.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Came out on April 25. If you haven't got your copy you're kind of... late? Great movie that brings a lot of memories. Again Square excels again in what still american movie makers can't even dream of. Too much for disney and animation-children association these guys still hold on to. Haven't learn anything from movies like 'Akira' or 'Ghost in the Shell' and still are not going to learn after Final Fantasy VII. Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 28, 2006

Sting concert

Yesterday, April 27, was the Sting concert on the 'Choliseo'. Me being there was actually more of a miracle because of two ex-coworkers and friends, Kelly and Jorge (Thank you, thank you, thank you sooo much!!!), that gave up two tickets they had to my girlfriend Yajaira for the concert. I have given up on the idea of going to the concert months ago, and then this happened!! The concert was great, except for the duration. I feel sorry for those people in arena that spent $126 for only hour and a half of concert. In my case, going there for free only left me with the feeling of wanting for more Sting. Sound and lights were good and the performance too. The concert started with 'Shape of my Heart' and finished with 'Every Breath You Take'. Even though the opening and closing songs were soft ones, the concert was energic in its mayority with songs like 'Synchronicity', 'Spirits in the Material World', 'If I Ever Lose my Faith in You' and 'Desert Rose'.

P.S. Yes... a week after receiving the iPod Video as a gift from Nobox and haven't yet used it or uploaded any song /video to it, ~_~.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My first blog entry...

Well, as the title says... my first entry. Not much to say because of this migraine episode that I'm trying to control, but as you can start seeing computers are a strong hobby for me... even to withstand writing a couple of words before heading for a nap to see if this things goes under control... promise you more during the development of this blog...